Hijab means “Veil”. That doesn’t means only a head scarf or veil it directly means to cover up. A Hijab is a veil worn by Muslim women’s to wrap the head, chest breasts and genitals to unassume their appearance from the other men’s outside of their family to keep themselves safe and protected from any types of violence. Most of the Islamic Legal Systems classify this unassuming type of dressing as wrapping the whole body except the face and hands outside of home. Muslim Ummah’s God ordered them to do so for their welfare by upgrading their social respect. It is a modest way of representing one in the society. In Islam this concept is specified in details. The question may arise why all restrictions are for women rather than men. It is because of their self-restraint, beauty and their defenselessness.

Although worldwide 2.2 billion Muslim women are wearing Hijabs but still now rest of the peoples worldwide don’t even know the value of this light piece of cloth. A misconception is laid there that women are oppressed to wear Hijab. I am a Hijabist, I can speak up for all the hijabist that Hijab is not oppressed upon us. Hijab is our fashion, passion and desire. We know about its significance and we do respect and do love it. I believe that though it is the requirement for us to accomplish our religious assurance by breaking the limitations to reach God. My obsession for Hijab has become a part of my regular life and my identity. Most amazing thing is that, this small rectangular small piece of material can shape our characters in the society.

To increase the awareness for this respectful material, Nazma Khan fouded the World Hijab Day on February 1st.

Various Types of Hijab:

Hijab ( حجاب): The common types of hijab that is worn by the women from West. It is a square shape of scarf covering the head and chest, uncovering the face.

Shayla: This is a rectangular shape of scarf which is covered with a loose knot around the head and placed or stacked at the shoulders by pins. It only covers the head and leaves the neck and face as like Hijab and Al-Amira.

shayla hijab

Khimar ( خمار): This is is a long, Shawl type scarf which covering the head,hangs on the centre of the back. It also leaves the face clear covering the head, neck and shoulders.

Chador ( تشادر): This long veil covers a woman’s whole body. As Khimar it covers the head but hanging to a woman’s feet.


Niqaab( نقاب): It is a face covering that fully covers the mouth and nose, but leaves the eyes. It is worn with Khimar or any other form of head scarf.

Burqa ( برقع ): This types of Hijab covers the whole face and body. It has a small mesh partition by which a woman can see.


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