On Saturday morning, a group of gunman attack on Punjab air force which is the northwestern state of India near the border of Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir.

At least four gunmen and two guard were killed in the attack at the Pathankot air force, where four gunmen entered Punjab air force base near the Pakistan border and exchanged fire with staff and security forces of Punjab airbase, officials said.

Air force spokeswoman Rochelle D’Silva said that, About 267 miles north of New Delhi, The gunmen entered by using living quarter’s section of the Pathankot air force base, but were not able to penetrate the area with fighter helicopters and other equipment.

According to different media, the gunman using different forces uniform. One Indian security source faulted the assault for a Pakistan-based militant bunch, however said it represented no danger to regular citizens.

After a week of Saturday’s attack comes India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an unannounced visit to Pakistan to meet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The visit was seen as a potential indication of defrosting relations between the two atomic equipped neighbors. The two heads of government likewise had an unscheduled meeting at the Paris environmental change talks.

India blames Pakistan for furnishing and preparing insurgent battling for Kashmir’s freedom from India or its merger with Pakistan, a charge Islamabad denies. More than 68,000 individuals have been slaughtered in the roughness, which started in 1989.

“Attacking an air base is a serious security threat. The upcoming strategy of the gunman is to identify arms bases near the border and aimed to attacks,” said the official source.

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