It’s an upbeat offday season without a doubt for Clarksville, Tennessee authorities. Google VP for Data Center Operations Joe Kava has affirmed to The Leaf-Chronicle that the organization is turning the old 1,300-section of land Hemlock Semiconductor site in the city into a $600 million server farm. Kava says Google has enormous arrangements for this site and needs it to wind up “one of the world’s most effective and most in fact propelled server farm grounds.” As a major aspect of its arrangements to accomplish that objective, the organization plans to balance 100 percent of the server farm’s power use with renewable vitality.

Mountain View has as of now acquired 2 gigawatts of renewable power, and it will in all likelihood purchase all the more once the plant’s now operational a couple of years from now. This isn’t the first structure Google has gobbled up to re-purpose into a server farm: there’s additionally the old coal plant in Jackson County that the organization purchased for the current year and the paper factory in Finland that it transformed into a seawater-cooled office.

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