The US military as of late concluded that Google’s Alpha Dog and Spot robots weren’t prepared for dynamic obligation, leaving the four legged robots with nothing to do. They are playing Spot vs Fido a robot with real dogs. Meanwhile, Google is doing with its battery-controlled Spot robot what we likely would – utilizing it as a puppy toy. The organization as of late unleashed it on Cosmo, the terrier that supposedly has a place with Android fellow benefactor and Playground Global manager Andy Rubin. The cute result is that Cosmo, obviously the supervisor of this plan, sees the hapless robot as an existential risk that should be woofed at and lectured (no butt-sniffing, fortunately). The robot and real dog playing as we given a name Spot vs Fido¬†and Animal vs Robot.

The model is apparently the stand out that is not in military hands, and there’s no word on what Google’s Boston Dynamics arrangements to do with it now. The military thought Spot could be a potential ground surveillance resource, however “the issue is, Spot in its present design doesn’t have the self-governance to do that,” says James Peneiro, the Ground Combat leader of the Warfighting Lab. It would be foolish, obviously, to think the robots should be given something to do immediately. A great deal of the self-adjusting tech in Spot (and its capacity to take a kick) can as of now be found in the cutting edge humanoid Atlas Robot.

Check the video for Spot vs Fido –

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