Project Loon
Recently it is reported that Google will supply Internet through balloon. This project called Loon Project.Loon project is a process in which a balloon will float approximately 20km above of the Earth’s surface into the air as high airplanes and wind in the air used to float. There are many layers in the top of the stratosphere .They have different directions and speed. Loon balloons will follow the direction of the air. Using telephone companies help it will directly share Internet as like cellular data.

On 2013 Google started the first test project in New Zealand. The idea is to share the Internet in each and every corner of the selected area. People will directly connect to the Internet using their device. Though Internet connectivity is a global community system but still lots of rural area doesn’t get Internet access. Loon project will help those people to get the Internet connection easily.

 Now this project is running in New Zealand, California’s Central Valley and Northeast Brazil. They are still trying to improve their performance there. Google has a plan to start this project in Sri Lanka within this year. And it is also declared that they will start it in Indonesia also from the upcoming year.


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