Google Now launcher Android Updates add auto-rotate, forces icon size consistency. Anybody wringing their hands over the way that their Android applications simply don’t line up flush will be enchanted with an upgrade to Google Now’s launcher – the accepted home screen for Nexus-marked Android telephones like the 6P. In light of the way that some Android application producers aren’t taking after Google’s rules, those mavericks, the organization has taken it into its own particular hands, driving predictable symbol size inside the launcher. The principle contrast: larger than usual logos relax a bit, contracting to fit Google’s in-house applications and outsider application symbols that took after the guidelines.

The outcome is an application screen that looks a look more durable and less janky of Google Now launcher. The launcher works in even mode as well, with auto-turn support heated into the update. Presently genuinely, is there somebody I can converse with about the kerning on that home screen?

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