Very good news for the Android user, they don’t need to use old button combo to take screenshots on Android phones. Google makes is easier now with a new applications for Android.

To get the screenshot on an Android telephone in this way, you’ve regularly needed to press an unbalanced catch combo – or, more terrible, utilize a palm motion. It’s getting much simpler, however. Google is pushing a Google search application overhaul for Android that lets Marshmallow clients take screenshots utilizing Now on Tap. Whatever you do is conjure Now on Tap and hit an offer catch to send it to your application of decision. This isn’t a direct trade for the equipment charge, since it doesn’t spare pictures immediately (you have to pick a destination first) and has a long postpone. On the other hand, it’s both less demanding to utilize and disposes of the standard warnings mess. On the off chance that you’ve ever needed to hotshot your home screen or another application without paying some dues, you’ll need to overhaul when you can.

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