In US election 2016 previous President George W Bush has hit the battle field to support more youthful sibling Jeb’s floundering presidential assignment offer.

He met veterans and showed up at a rally in South Carolina on Monday, in front of Saturday’s essential race.

George W Bush’s legacy has gone under savage assault from Republican leader Donald Trump.

Jeb Bush, the previous Florida senator, has spent a considerable measure of battle money however neglected to have an effect.

He is attempting to make up for lost time with Mr Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who won the New Hampshire and Iowa challenges individually in US election 2016 where a great things occurring.

Mr Bush’s well known family has to a great extent kept out of his presidential assignment fight and he demanded a year ago that he was running as his own particular man.

Be that as it may, a week ago his mom Barbara Bush, wife of previous President George HW Bush, stood up in his backing. US election 2016 will be the very big turning point for USA.

Also, on Saturday, Jeb Bush protected his sibling’s administration, saying he had constructed a “security device to keep us safe”.

In a broadcast face off regarding, extremely rich person agent Mr Trump attacked George W Bush’s record, blaming him for lying about the purposes behind the Iraq War, which he said had destabilized the Middle East.

“I need to let you know – they lied,” said Mr Trump. “They said there were weapons of mass annihilation, there were none. What’s more, they knew there were none.”

He additionally laughed at Mr Bush’s protection of his sibling.

“The World Trade Center descended amid your sibling’s rule, recall that.”

Specialists say that Mr Trump’s strategy of assaulting the previous president is dangerous on the grounds that regardless he keeps up wide bid among Republicans in South Carolina, from churchgoers to business pioneers and resigned military work force.

On Monday, George W Bush, close by his wife Laura, met US military veterans at an American Legion Post in Columbia, South Carolina.

In US election 2016 A week ago, he applauded his sibling’s capacities in a radio advert, and Jeb Bush will trust his own appearance will bring profits on surveying day.

Despite the fact that George W Bush remains a divisive figure broadly, he and his dad both won essential decisions in South Carolina.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who quit the presidential race and is presently backing Jeb Bush, said: “The Bush name is brilliant in my state.”

While Republican voters in South Carolina settle on their decision for president, the Democratic Party is holding its own challenge in Nevada on Saturday. Republicans in Nevada and Democrats in South Carolina get the chance to express their perspectives in independent challenges the next week.

Mr Cruz, Mr Trump and Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have all won one express each.

Courtesy: BBC

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