The great George Martin, known as “the fifth Beatle” for his work in forming the band that got to be one of the world’s most powerful music powers, has kicked the bucket at 90 years old.

Martin was viewed as the best music maker ever, refered to in the Guinness Book of Records for having more than 50 No. 1 hit records more than five decades in the United States and Britain alone.  He scored, orchestrate, and deliver a number of the band’s greatest hits, including “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, “A Day in the Life”, “Yesterday”, “Eleanor Rigby” and “Cherish Me Do”.

Beatle Paul McCartney said in an announcement on Wednesday. “I’m so miserable to hear the news of the death of dear George Martin,” “In the event that anybody earned the title of the fifth Beatle it was George.”

An announcement from Martin’s family affirmed he had passed on calmly at his home on Tuesday evening.

Prior, Ringo Starr, the Beatles’ drummer, had declared his demise on Twitter: “God favor George Martin peace and affection to Judy and his crew… George will be remembered fondly.” Starr took after the message by posting a high contrast photograph of the Fab Four with Martin, saying “Thank you for all your affection and generosity George.”

Martin served as maker, colleague and coach to Beatles John Lennon, George Harrison, McCartney and Starr.

Lennon was shot dead in New York in 1980. Harrison died of cancer in 2001. Tributes from the music world poured in on Twitter.

“Tear to my musical sibling George Martin. We were companions subsequent to 1964, and I am so grateful 4 that blessing,” said American music maker Quincy Jones.  Kid George said: “George Martin. Man of his word and legend”, while Mark Ronson said Martin was “the best British record maker ever”.

Boy George said: “George Martin. Gentleman and legend”, while Mark Ronson said Martin was “the greatest British record producer of all time”.

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