Mustang (France) and son of Saul (Hungary) are among nine movies that have made it onto a shortlist in the challenge for the outside dialect Oscar, Academy Awards coordinators said late Thursday.

From all of the nine movies – seven of them from Europe, one from Colombia and one from Jordan – were chosen from 81 entries. “Horse” is the first component film by Franco-Turkish chief Deniz Gamze Erguven.

Concentrated on five sisters living in a town in northern Turkey who are kept at home by their family when they are regarded excessively defiant, it was screened at the Director’s Fortnight at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, and has gotten worldwide basic recognition. It is the first run through in decades that France is being spoken to by a non-French-dialect film.

The last time was in 1960, when its Portuguese-dialect accommodation, “Dark Orpheus,” won the Oscar. France last won an Oscar in 1993 with “Indochina,” featuring Catherine Deceive. The nerve racking Holocaust show “Child of Saul”, which offers determined delineations of the gas councils of Auschwitz, guaranteed the runner-up Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Hungarian executive Laszlo Names has been generally acclaimed for taking groups of onlookers into a Nazi death camp and demonstrating the Holocaust differently. Others in the running are Belgium’s “The Brand New Testament,” Colombia’s “Grip of the Serpent” and Denmark’s “A War.”

Finland’s “The Fencer” made the cut, and also Germany’s “Maze of Lies,” Ireland’s “Viva” and Jordan’s “Theeb.” The shortlist will now be whittled down to five finalists who will be reported together with all other Oscar selections on 14 January.

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