LG makes a product as like amazon echo which really help you to get smart home named LG SmartThinQ hub. Electronics giant LG made a automatic platform named LG SmartThinQ Hub. LG’s SmartThinQ home mechanization stage or automation platform has in the row for a couple of years, however it’s generally felt like an idea in retrospect for the LG electronics gian. This could be evolving soon, on the other hand one week ago, LG presented the SmartThinQ Hub, an Amazon Echo-esque gadget intended to be the inside piece that controls your keen home, and it conveyed it to CES 2016 for everybody’s viewing pleasure.

Much to our mistake, there’s no working demo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, however LG says its SmartThinQ Hub can combine with apparatuses, and in addition stream music and show data like logbook occasions, updates and the climate – which it’s ready to do by means of an inherent 3.5-inch LCD. Likewise with most new items┬áLG SmartThinQ Hub is flaunting at CES, we don’t know how much the Hub will cost either, yet we’ll likely discover in the coming weeks or months.

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