Those people who loves traveling different beautiful places this article is gift for them. Here I present five most beautiful places information.



Santorini is an island which is situated in southeast side of Greece mainland. This island is very much popular for its beautiful view, wonderful beaches, ancient cities, delicious foods and wine. An active volcano is also situated in Santorini. This place is really suitable for traveling.

Halong Bay Vietnam:

Halong Bay Vietnam

Halong Bay Vietnam is the best place for those people who love natural beauty. This place is full of natural beauty. Halong bay has more than one thousand limestone karsts and various shape and size island. Haylong Bay shows us different face of ecosystem like freshwater swamp forest, small freshwater lakes, sandy beaches, offshore coral reefs and aloso mangrove forest. This natural beauty is situated 170km northeast from Hanoi. Best time to visit Halong Bay is April to September when tourist can enjoy the rain and another time is October to March when tourist can enjoy cold win.



Venice is a wonderful city of Italy. This city is full of historical facts. It has beautiful structured building, famous museums, roads and rivers. Tourist would be amazed with its amazing ancient view. Tourist who loves history this city is best gift for them. This city is full of magical view.

Panjin Red Beach:


Panjin beach is red beach which is situated in chaina. This place is famous for its red plant. It based in the biggest reed marsh and wetland of whole world where many kinds of birds and animal lives. The climate of this place is so suitable. This place is kind of dream land. Summer is the best time for travel Panjin.

Lake Hillier:

Lake Hiller 2

Lake Hillier is situated in West Australia. This lake is famous for its unique color of water. Its look like it’s a small magic trick of God. The length of this lake is 600m. This lake impresses you with its lovely’s colors of pink water and also driven fishes on it. This pink view delights your eyes. Now a days this place is one the attractive place for the tourist.

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