On Tuesday 3rd November 2015 Mozilla launched last edition of Firefox 42 (full edition) with tracking protection, tab audio indicators and background link opening on Android. You can now download it from  Firefox or current users should be able to upgrade to it automatically. Here is the link for Android users Google Play.

According to Mozilla there are about five hundred million users throughout the world and it’s a kind of dominating mobile apps. And they are always care about privacy of their users. The new private browsing mode does not only mean to save your browsing history but also prevent you from tracking by others. Normally ads, analytics trackers, social share etc are used to track your internet surfing behavior. Now you are relieved  from this disturbance and rather be safe yourself just to switch on this new edition.

Here is his video conversation,

The new feature has a Control Center with all of Firefox’s site security and privacy controls. In case of your necessity you can turn off Tracking protection by Control Center.

You may start it by clicking the hamburger menu button and then click the New Private Window icon to start a Private Browsing session and a violet colour icon sure you that you are in Tracking Protection mood.

Private Browsing

That’s for desktop browsers. On Android, tap the Firefox Menu button (below the screen on some devices, or at the top-right corner of the browser on others) and then tap New Private Tab.

Mozilla takes its experimental feature to Firefox Developer Edition for Windows, Mac, Linux and Firefox Aurora channel on Android in August. In September, the feature was in beta channel but now it is available for all users.

The new system displays a speaker icon when a tab is manufacturing sound. A single click on that icon mutes the given tab. The below pictures will clear you more.



As it is displayed in the screenshot the best part is that you can mute a tab without having to switch to it first, like while I’m in 5update page doing mute youtube sound but staying in this page.


Latest version of Firefox 42 including the new private browsing and tracking protection but the remarkable one is able to open links from Android apps in the background. Though Chrome is your default browser, you can now queue up tabs in the background without switching to Firefox. All these tabs will run automatically whenever you open Firefox browser.

Generally Mozilla brings new version in every six weeks and we hope Firefox 43 will release in the middle of December.



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