FIFA Ban transfer for two Spanish club, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have been banned from enlisting new players for the following two exchange windows, FIFA has reported.

FIFA’s disciplinary board of trustees reported that the two clubs “disregarded a few procurements concerning the global exchange and first enrollment” of players under age 18.

Atletico Madrid said on Thursday that they will offer the boycott. The clubs were found to have ruptured Article 19 of FIFA’s Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, which covers security of minors, and in addition Article 5 on enlistment of players and Article 9 on the prerequisite for a global exchange endorsement for every marking.

They will be permitted to sign players in the momentum exchange window however are then set to be banned from enrolling players to their squads until after the 2016-17 season.

The exchange boycott, which does not influence the present enrollment period by any means, given that it opened before the choices were advised, applies to every club overall – except for the women’s, futsal and shoreline soccer groups – and does not keep the arrival of players.

La Liga side Barcelona served an exchange boycott enduring two back to back exchange windows that lapsed not long ago.

FIFA suspended Barca’s boycott taking after a request in April 2014, which permitted the club to purchase and enlist players that late spring. The authorization got to be dynamic in the January 2015 window.

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