Bangladesh Bank Governor Atiur Rahman tendered his resignation on Tuesday at the time of a meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, reported a senior PMO official. The root cause is not clear but recently he has a claim of cyber heist involving over $80 million from its account with Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Governor Atiur Rahman said that he was ‘always ready’ to resign depending of ‘the prime minister’. Speaking to reporters at his home earlier in the morning in front of journalist.

I have no hesitation in resigning if it helps the Bangladesh Bank. “I am waiting to know what the prime minister says.

“I have already written my resignation and will step down as soon as the prime minister says,” said Atiur, who was seen with the resignation letter in his hand. He was given the occupation on May 1, 2008, four months after the Awami League shaped the administration.

Following a four-year term, the administration chose to broaden it by an additional four years that was to end on Aug 2 this year.

Amid Atiur’s chance in the national bank, Bangladesh saw its swelling going down and forex save developing by more than four times to $28 billion since 2008. His abdication comes in the midst of a firestorm over the a digital heist which made Bangladesh lose more than $80 million kept with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

He lashed out at the bank on Sunday vowing action for having ‘the audacity not to inform him about issue’. “Very incompetent,” he described the central bank.

Kabir the ex-sec of BD will replace Atiur Rahman, in Tuesday morning he resigned over the cyber heist to which the Bangladesh Bank has lost over $80 million.

Finance Minister AMA Muhith told reporters at his office that Kabir, who is now chairman of the state-owned Sonali Bank’s, will be the new governor of the Bangladesh bank.

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