‘FAN’ the amazing comedy and dangerous movie acted the Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan. The movie “FAN” which is not just around a Shah Rukh Khan fan. It is additionally for those person who are the actually of his fans, who have been pining to see him the way he is in this film. After an impressive hole, the Shah Rukh Khan is back with an awesome mix of two parts; one playing a young boy, elated fan reminiscent of his helpless more youthful days and the other playing the hotshot that he’s today, with the magnetism and force of his identity all in place. The cosmetics and overall make up done by the make-up wizard Greg Cannom adds to the effect. It makes SRK like a young boy which age likely 18 or 20.

Gaurav Chandna (SR Khan) is a young boy who live in Delhi always find cyber café in his town Delhi, has grown up on the superstar Aryan Khanna’s (SRK) films and considers himself his biggest fan. The primary half lets us know how normal Gaurav’s life is, despite the fact that he takes after the celebrity of Delhi. Maneesh Sharma has at this point indicated us through his before movies like ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ that he’s a deft hand while depicting the regular substances of occupants of the bylanes of Dilli. Once more he succeeds in painting a delightful and reasonable photo of Gaurav’s unremarkable yet interesting life as he mans his bistro and winning honors for being the best Aryan Khanna copy in the zone. It is all great till Gaurav chooses to take his fixation excessively far and tries to meet his venerated image. His enthusiasm takes a revolting turn when he experiences the man he worshipped in a not really complimenting condition.

Right from the beginning of this thriller, which undoubtedly boasts of one, oops, two of his best performances, it is evident why Shah Rukh Khan is needed for a film of this sort, and why only someone in his position and with his caliber could do it too.

The first portion of the comedy movie “FAN” which accounts Gaurav’s developing fixation for Aryan is taken care of prudently and charmingly by Maneesh Sharma. And the next portion of F, in any case diminishes down to a great extent because of the befuddled script, which sort of loses its rationale some place even before it achieves the interim point. The script (written by Sharma) and screenplay (by Habib Faisal) do show streaks of intelligence and originality like the one scene where a stinking rich NRI berating the supposedly powerful Aryan Khanna for being late to dance at his daughter’s wedding. Praise to the whiz for setting out to take a burrow at himself. Be that as it may, the script additionally hurls a significant number of irregularities and difficult to-trust arrangements. In the event that Gaurav can so effectively trick the world, what is Aryan’s clout we are discussing? On the off chance that Gaurav can without much of a stretch mimic Aryan, why does he go unrecognized something else? However, then all’s soon forgotten when you are kept excited by the exciting pursue arrangements and that surprising peak.

The female character in the film (Waluscha De Sousa, who plays  amazing characteristics of Aryan’s wife, and Shriya Pilgaonkar reminding us of the ever elegant and poised Gauri Khan. Sadly, there wasn’t much for her in the script don’t have much to do. Deepika Amin and Yogendra Tiku as Gaurav’s guardians are noteworthy.

Thankfully, there is no song-dance sequence in FAN!  The movie encapsulates the fandom which SRK as a star enjoys and why his fans must watch this to understand how he achieved what he did.


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