world famous Social media`s giant Facebook would be tried in France for blocking a French teacher’s account after he posted an image of a 19th-century painting of a woman’s genitalia, a Paris court has ruled.

Facebook hindered the record of a French educator and workmanship mate after he transferred a photo of Gustave Courbet’s 1866 canvas ‘The Origin of the World’, which demonstrates a nearby up perspective of female private parts.

"Facebook sued for blocking nude painting in France"

Facebook was sued by a teacher whose account was blocked after he posted a 19th century painting by Gustave Courbet, ‘The Origin of the World’, depicting a woman’s genitalia. The teacher filed a complaint against the social media giant, saying the site could not differentiate between pornography and art. A Paris appeals court threw out Facebook’s appeal after the social media giant argued that only the US courts had jurisdiction to hear cases against it.

The Paris Appeal Court’s choice maintained a lower court deciding in March 2015 that a proviso in Facebook’s terms of understanding marked by clients was “damaging” in saving selective rights to a California court to hear question. “This is a case of free speech and censorship on a social network,” Mr Durand-Baïssas told AP.

Facebook, situated in Palo Alto, California, had requested against a Paris High Court’s power to hear the case yet the bid court said Facebook’s case was forbidden. Facebook said French courts were not able to handle the case and that the agreement with the client was “not a purchaser contract on the grounds that Facebook’s administration was free.”

Yet, a High Court judge decided in 2015 that, “if the proposed administration was allowed to the client, Facebook was producing huge benefits from the business, including by means of paid applications, promoting and different assets.”

Mr Durand-Baïssas wants his account reinstated and €20,000 (£15,521) in damages.

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