Facebook recently announced that the number of people using its Messenger app monthly has shot past 800 million, with more features on the way to win even more fans on Thursday. It pledged to ‘kill off the phone number’ as the product attracts even more users.

Facebook head of messaging products Dave Marcus said in an online media, ‘The Messenger team’s aim is to make Messenger the best specie to communicate with all the purpose in individual and business in the whole world.

It has developed that Facebook is en route into meeting its main goal of giving ambassador clients an awesome ordeal. The exertion in keeping this mission alive can without much of a stretch be clarified by the more than 800 million clients that are at present utilizing Facebook Messenger application. In the meantime, more components are lined up in the coming couple of months that will take the flag-bearer encounter a score higher subsequently winning more fans.

It is just a month ago that Facebook added new components to the errand person that included having the capacity to make installments and correspond straightforwardly with the business world through video calls. In the meantime, it is likewise chipping away at an element; a computerized right hand called M that will help in reserving eatery spot and carrier bookings among different assignments.

The administration of “M” is as of now accessible to just 10,000 individuals in the San Francisco Bay region, yet there is confidence that it will achieve more individuals later in the year. In any case, even with the amazing numbers and more dynamic month to month clients than adversaries Snapchat and Viber, Facebook and its massaging service gets a lot of client (about 900 million) from the similar service device Whatsapp.

All things considered, Marcus says that they are hopeful to work during that time to change the discernment or attitude of the Messenger clients that they can just utilize it to identify with their family and companions.

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