English the Global Language of Today

English is the most used language in the world; more than 2 billion people speak English every day. English is used in every sector. English is valued as a “lingua Franca” or the common language. Due to the influence of the west English has grown into a global language. English is not only spoken by those who learnt it as their mother tongue but also many speak it as their second language. Not only that many people use English for one reason or the other.

What makes a language global?

Global language isn’t represented by the number of speakers, But by the Influence of the language and its speakers. The foremost thing is the countries that use the language and its dominance over the globe. Second is the number of countries that adopt the language and thirdly the number of schools that teach it as their main foreign language. The other factors that influence are the richness of the language, the great work of literature it has. What great culture is within the grasp of the language and the association with religion. There is thousands of language in the world each important to its speakers. But to be a global language that language has to be well known and wide spread.

Rise of English as global language.

During the end of the 17th century the Britain rose as the most powerful colonial power. Britain’s reach was around the globe already. Then after that they started to conquer countries after countries. During this period the English language started to spread. The British forced English as the language that was used for all written documents within their empire. As a result of that English was all around the globe. Even countries they failed to keep under their influence kept English. During the 18th century English was taught in schools around the world. When they tried to conquer India they left a lasting impression of English in Asia that is still going strong. By this time English already had a vast and rich literature due to the works of William Shakespeare, John Keats, Chapman and other well know persons. The British Empire had the political influence and also the economic power to enforce English around the globe. If we move on and come to the modern era then English is the “lingua franca” of the world. The largest international organization UN or the United Nations covering 193 nations, uses English as one of their official language. More than 85% of the international organizations use English as one of their language. This is a feat which no other language has achieved. Next we can come to the contribution of America. In the modern age America is the pinnacle of modern society. They are at the pinnacle of everything. They excel in power, politics, technology, media and infrastructures. Due this huge advancement the whole world knows about them and the language they speak. The biggest contributor of making English a global language is the World Wide Web or internet no doubt. Most of the well-known websites use English, and due the influence of west on it English has become a global phenomenon. When different people of different ethnicity come together, they use English as the medium for communication.

Why should we learn English?

We should learn English because of its international status. If someone wants to be educated they must know English very well today, because most of the best academies only use English. If you are a traveler then you must know English to communicate. Even inside your motherland you have to use English. Most of the advertisement on Cable TV use English. The internet is based on English which has become a big part of our life. Science the base which the modern age we live in exists uses English too. From school to job sectors English is needed everywhere. We should learn English for our own advancement in the modern age.

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