Education has always been highly valued in Ireland and has a long and prestigious tradition in education system in Ireland. The Govt. of Ireland make Education mandatory for children from the ages of 6 to 16 or until students who have finished second-level education which needs 3 years.

There are three level of education system in Ireland. First Level Education (primary), Second Level Education and third level of education.

First Level Education (primary)

There are over 440,000 children in first level education. The starting age of the first level of education is six years, but a lot of children start at the age of four. This first level education needs a period of 8 years. The education system In Ireland, Primary schools in Ireland are not similar State schools.

Therefore, most 4 year olds and almost all 5 year olds are enrolled in infant classes in first level schools (also known national or primary schools). In this way, much of what is considered pre-school education in other countries (from age four to six) is provided, free of charge, for all children in Ireland.

Second Level Education (post-primary)

More over 750 second level schools in Ireland, and has more over 70 boarding facilities. Secondary schools are privately owned and managed. The trustees of the majority of these schools are religious communities or Boards of Governors.

According to the education system in Ireland, There are three types of second level school, on the basis of administration and sources finance.

  1. Secondary Schools

Secondary education consists of a junior cycle and a senior cycle. At the end of compulsory education (at age 16), pupils take examinations for the Junior Certificate. At some schools, the junior cycle lasts 3 years, at others 4 years. Once school is no longer compulsory, pupils can continue on to the Leaving Certificate. Depending on the school, the senior cycle lasts 2 or 3 years after the Junior Certificate. Many schools have a transition year between the junior and senior cycles.

  1. Community/Comprehensive Schools

These are some school which shows comprehensive in nature those school is called Community/Comprehensive Schools. By mixing the academic and technical education with having a community dimension in forms of adult education service and facilities.

  1. Vocational Schools

Vocational schools are State established and are administered by Vocational Education Committees (VECs) while community and comprehensive schools are managed by Boards of Management of differing compositions. Providing the second level of education the system of vocational education has become increasingly involved in devising and implementing for the post second level students for continuing education.

Third Level Education (Higher education)

Third level of education or the higher education is provided by 7 universities, 14 institutes of technology and a large number of smaller, mostly specialist institutions, such as the 7 colleges of education.

Generally the third level of educational system in Ireland or the higher level of education has comprised the university sector, technological colleges, the technical and the colleges of education.

  1. Universities

According to the education system in Ireland, Ireland universities include the National University of Ireland, Dublin City University, the University of Limerick and Trinity College.

The seven universities in the State are autonomous, self-governing institutions. The education system in Ireland, university offers for degree programmers – at Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate level – in the humanities, in the sciences and in medicine. Some universities have introduced semester and modularization of courses.

  1. Technological Sector

This role includes responsibility for the formulation and review of policy and for the budgetary and regulatory framework. Institutions in the technological sector provide programmers of education and training in areas such as Business, Science, Engineering, Linguistics and Music to certificate, diploma and degree levels.

  1. Colleges of Education/Teacher Training

Colleges offer two courses – a three-year Bachelor of Education Degree and an eighteen-month Post Graduate the dynamic education system in Ireland and the role of the Department in relation to the Colleges of Education is to ensure that the supply of teachers for first level schools is in accordance with identified needs.

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