Canada is one of the top educational developed country in the whole world. Canada gives more emphasize and makes a large investment to its education development side. Canada spends about 5.3% of its GDP only on education. The education system in Canada is much more developed comparing in other country. In fact, Canada is competing among the tops 3 nations in spending per capita on post-secondary education system, according to the Economic Co-operation and Development.

The education system in Canada covers various steps like elementary, secondary and post-secondary education and higher level of education. The education system in Canada is governed by various states and local territorial govt. basis, as a result there has difference between each provincial area. All of provinces and state area shows universal and free elementary and secondary schooling for twelve years. The education system in Canada has some level in its educational side. These level maintain for proper to its people.

Primary Education

Education system in Canada is funded by various privately and also publicly. About 8% of students are in private schools. There has an opportunity to choose school in children and its parents. And student has a chance to spend 1 – 2 years voluntarily in kindergarten school. At the age of 6 they persuade for 6 years of primary school education which is compulsory for all Childs.

Elementary level

According to educational system in Canada, the education begins for a children to enter the kindergarten school at the early age of 5. The elementary school normally adding systemic grades from 1 to 6 in regions that have minimum two tears of mid-level of school. And in the Quebec, the elementary schools is grades from 1-6, after completing this they (student) tern to go to the high school or not.

Secondary Education

In the education system in Canada, there is no difference between middle and high school. Through to grade 12, a big portion of Canadian students have finished their school level of education, and after finished that they may reach on to vocational or tertiary level of education. The academic year begins from September through to June. In Quebec, high school covers grades from seven to eleven, and applying to university, students then go CEGEP for only 2 years.

Post-secondary education

According to education system in Canada, post-secondary education includes Career College, community college, and university and grad school.

Vocational Education

Basis on the secondary school, students who are interest to make itself with a practical on life prefer to continue with vocational education side. After completing the secondary level of education. Vocational education offers a range from once courses through to practical and technological training which is needs 2 to 3 years.

Tertiary Education

The Education system in Canada is justifiably feel proud of its world class universities and highly structure colleges. Based on geographic segmentation and the goodwill of a specific course, there is no formal ranking system though of those. In Canada there are 36 universities, within 36, 8 are privately maintain and 1 (Montreal) uses French as the medium of instruction. For higher education, from the different part of the world come to tertiary education in Canada, and it is known that Canadian degrees are approved everywhere in the world. Under Tertiary Education some other education system in Canada is

College: In Canada, the term college normally choose to a community college or a technical, applied arts, or applied science school. These are post-secondary institutions granting certificates, diplomas, associate‚Äôs degree, and bachelor’s degrees.

University: A university is an organization of higher educational activities, which are permitted academic degrees in various discipline or different subjects. A university is an institution where shows both postgraduate education and undergraduate education.

Graduate school: A graduate school is an org. which provides awards advanced academic degrees (master’s degree, Ph.D.).

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