Recently Govt. officials from Bangladesh declared, they will break the trap of 6% economic growth in Bangladesh. And set new economic growth for Bangladesh which is 7.05% for this year. Also they declared per capita income will rise $150 which will be $1466. Those discussed by the minister at the meeting of ECNEC (Executive Committee of the National Economic Council).

In this meeting Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina charing which held at Agargaon, Dhaka at Planning Commission.

Where the country’s finance minister Abul Mal Muhith set target the economic growth will be 7% and the per capita income will be $1466.

Really it’s dramatic rise for Bangladesh where in 2014 per capita income in Bangladesh was $1084. The govt. of Bangladesh decided to reach in the middle income country within 2021.

It’s really now Bangladesh is growing country as per their economic growth and infrastructure development. Which is the role model also to the world. Honorable Prime Minister in Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina (Daughter of Bangobondho, who is the father of nation) making this remarkable history for Bangladesh.

Hope for the great achieve for Bangladesh by the govt. And the people in Bangladesh will be happy to listen this news where their govt. taking this challenge.

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