Liberia, the West African nation has been struggling of an epidemic of Ebola virus disease or commonly known as Ebola since from 2014 along with some neighboring nations like Guinea, Sierra Leone. It is first detected March, 2014 in Liberia.

Liberia has less ability of medical treatment only 50 doctors for its total 4.3 million populations. Liberia has already 10,672 cases related to Ebola and it can be noted that about 4808 people had been died of Ebola virus. It is believed that Ebola virus has spread out from Guinea to other countries.

From its starting to till now it has been confirmed that about 11,314 people died in Ebola virus over the world and about 28,635 cases have been recorded.

Ebola StopHowever after a hard battle with Ebola virus World Health Organization(WHO) in 3 September 2015 declared Liberia free of Ebola virus in the human population. But after two months of declaration, three has been confirmed attacked with this deadly disease in this West African nation.

The Health Ministry of Liberia reported that a patient admitted in a hospital tested Ebola positive in last Thursday along with two other high-risk contacts also tested positive. After this confirmation all three affected people are taken in an Ebola treatment center in the capital of Monrovia.

A spokesman of the World Health Organization said that more than 40 contacts are being monitored whether they are Ebola affected or not.

Liberia’s health minister Dr. Bemice Dahn tells there is possibility to have more Ebola cases. But he is very motivated to stop and prevent this virus. Previously, Liberia was first announced Ebola free virus in May, but now the situation has emerged.

Dahn is still positive about their victory over Ebola virus and she insisted their third time victory against Ebola virus very soon.

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