US Republican presidential leader Donald Trump yesterday went under scorching assault from opponents Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio who impacted the land head honcho on his movement stand, and for enlisting outsiders in his business ventures, as the verbal confrontation turned shriller in front of the critical “Super Tuesday”.

At the time While Cruz called Trump, who has pledged to check vagrants and exchange of employments to non-Americans, an “crazy zealot”, in a feisty trade of words amid an essential level headed discussion in Houston, Rubio charged that land tycoon would have been offering observes yet for the $200 million he acquired from his well off father.

The tone mirrored the wild fight in progress in front of “Super Tuesday” on March 1, when 11 states including Cruz’s enormous home condition of Texas go to the surveys in maybe the most noteworthy voting day of the 2016 essential crusade.

Rubio assaulted the land very rich person for having “employed a critical number of individuals from different nations to take occupations that Americans could have filled” in Trump improvement ventures. He indicated articles that portrayed a 1980s claim by a specialists union against Trump for enlisting 200 unlawful outsiders from Poland to assemble Trump Tower in New York.

Trump answered savagely, saying “I’ve procured countless people…You haven’t contracted one individual, you liar.” He helped Rubio to remember his poor execution in the last open deliberation, saying that he had never seen that sort of an emergency. All through the verbal confrontation, both Rubio and Cruz were seen attempting their best to nail down Trump.

Be that as it may, the longest warmed trade of words was in the middle of Trump and Rubio when they were offered conversation starters on the proposition to construct a divider on the US-Mexico fringe. “Here’s a fellow that acquired $200 million. On the off chance that he hadn’t acquired the sum, you know where Donald Trump would be correct now?…Selling watches,” which was hindered by a tremendous acclaim.

“That isn’t right. I took $1 million and transformed into $10 billion,” Trump said. Rubio questioned the answer and afterward tested Trump to discharge his assessment forms, which he has not done as such far.

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