Untied Nation secretary general Ban Ki-Moon has much exceptionally welcome Bangladesh`s shocking improvement in distinctive area under the prime minister sheikh Hasina in the previous days. On Wednesday State-run news office BSS investigates.

The gratefulness came when Bangladesh’s Permanent Representative and represetative to the UN Masud Bin Momen introduced his qualifications to the UN secretary general at the UN home office in New York on Wednesday.

He especially adulated Bangladesh’s accomplishment in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and communicated his hopefulness that Bangladesh would improve in the execution of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Bangladesh would take lead in the relocation and improvement. Ban Ki-moon trusted that as the seat of the Global Forum on Migration and Development in 2016.

The Permanent Representative (PR) valued the UN secretary general’s drives for facilitating the World Humanitarian Summit to be held one year from the time still now working various project. He guaranteed the secretary general of the continuation of Bangladesh’s dynamic part in the fields of practical advancement especially as the current LDC seat, peacekeeping and peace building and for different project.

The PR passed on the welcome of the president and executive of Bangladesh to the secretary general, while introducing his accreditations. UN secretary general’s wife was available amid the certifications showing function

UN associate secretary general Miroslav Jenca, Moment’s wife Fahmida Jabeen, agent PR Sadia Faizunnesa were additionally present.

Masud Bin Momen turns into the fourteenth PR of Bangladesh to the UN since 1974 when Bangladesh turned into the individual from the summit body of the universal group.

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