In the event that you’ve been keeping an ear near the ground, you have most presumably caught the repeating bits of gossip that Cupertinians are ready to discharge a minimized new handset in mid 2016 – the Apple iPhone 6c. The gadget is required to highlight the configuration dialect of the sixth gen iPod Touch and attempt to charm us with a 4-inch aluminum bundle. Still, we shouldn’t preclude a littler estimated iPhone 6/6s carbon copy. We expect the iPhone 6c munchkin to have a specs sheet for the most part reminiscent of 2014 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, similar to an Apple A8 chipset, 8MP iSight camera and a 1.3MP FaceTime one, and additionally a solitary gig of RAM. Make a point to look at our broad gossip survey for the iPhone 6c for extra information about the handset.


We should return to the outline now. We are not holding our breaths for any shocks in this office sand appear to have a really smart thought what the iPhone 6c may resemble. Render specialists do, as well – a whirlwind of rather gorgeous 3D renders and ideas have effectively made the rounds, envisioning the talk plant’s theories.


The latest accumulation of engaging new 3D renders of the iPhone 6c that hit us today is by all accounts one of the best ones we’ve found in quite a while. Made by Ferry Passchier, these new renders for the smaller iOS handset are imagining it as a downsized transport of the understood iPhone 6/6s plan dialect. We anticipate that it will utilize a way more different shading palette in examination with the greater topdogs in Apple’s weapons store, like the iPhone 5c. Ship Passchier has put his confidence into the five iPod Touch-like shading alternatives we at present have in addition to an extra one — iPhone 5-esque space dim, silver, gold, rose gold (which is an outsider to the iPod line starting now), dim pink, and dull blue.

I-phone 6c

We won’t not need to sit tight for a really long time to witness the presentation of the iPhone 6c – talk has it that it will be presented at some point in March 2016, nearby the second-gen Apple Watch. All things considered, we’ll sit back and watch.


Incidentally, which is your most loved render of the iPhone 6c? Drop a line with your most loved shading variation in the remarks area right underneath the display.

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