Despite of FIFA’s corruption dispute David Beckham supports 2022 Qatar world cup. This dispute has already created uncertainty over its hosting rights. The claim is coming strongly when Swiss and US authorities indicating corruption in the bidding for both 2018 world cup which will be held in Russia and the Qatar world cup.

Qatar footbal

Qatar footbal

David Beckham in a interview with Radio Times’ Christmas issue said “Whether it’s corrupt or not, those countries have chosen. People need to get behind that.

“It’s about bringing football to new countries. They should stick with it. They’ll make it work.”

In the last June a high FIFA official said both Russia and Qatar could lose the 2018 and 2022 World Cups if bribery is proved. But at the same time Russia and Qatar have strongly denied any kinds of wrongdoing. Though still have not seen any clear evidence of corruption.

No matter FIFA is now in disarray condition as they are planning to reform where expecting that within very soon they can overcome it. But the way both the tournaments are treating is devastating and disgusting to Beckham.

The claim has been strengthened last week after US authorities investigation charged 16 FIFA’s highly official.

Before that in May FIFA’s president Sepp Blatter and Uefa counterpart Michel Platini  have been suspended for 90 days due to a charge by Swiss attorney general.

Former English striker David Beckham also revealed that he is fond of Rugby and loves watching it.

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