The DARPA Challenge is a competitive obstacle course that allows robotics teams to win millions in prize money. More than that, the challenge displays the future benefits of general purpose robots that could aide in future disaster relief.

Watch the video of DARPA Robotics Challenge:

Time to take it to the next level? Check out the Anguinart channel. Make a robotic anguitome that can self assemble in to any user defined sculpture. Or a robot that can conform to terrain on an asteroid and drill in search of gems and minerals. Or search for explosives in a war zone. Or self assemble in to a building.

Compilation of Robots Falling Down at the DARPA Robotics Challenge:

What people are saying about DARPA Robotics Challenge?

“inoffensive coddler all subjective, as a typical brit I’m more used to a gentler/softer way to talk and communicate, (not that we are all like that of course, loads of loud twats over here too) i find the majority presenters on TV/ Youtube give a obnoxious, loud and false sounding delivery. So from my point of view they do sound more like regular human beings.”

“They don’t always design them like that, just look at Big Dog or bomb disposal robots. This was a “general scope” challenge. The competitors were humanoids because they had to interact with devices designed for humans. The requirement of being able to drive a car alone sets the tone for the shape and limbs of the robot.”

“I think it’s because the obstacles are something humans face every day; The car(Wheel -> Needs arms, Gas pedals -> Feet), Door, Screwdriver, Walking and so on. I agree, it’s not the best design, but it’s probably the best at solving problems made for humans to solve.”

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