Baby’s are the cutest sweetest and the amazing creation of this worlds. Babies are the gift from the Lord. They are like angel. No one can be sad or angry in front of them. There every activity makes us smile and happy. To have a great mood with love here is some cutest baby’s video.

1. A baby laughed excitedly at Ripping Paper:

The 8th month old baby boy Micha laughed at his father ripped job rejection letter.

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2. Charlie Bit My Finger:

Harry and Charlie are two brothers. Where Harry keeping biting Charlie’s finger. they are the most famous on YouTube.

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3. baby laughing in bumbo:

A cute baby laughs in bumbo.

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4. A baby dance like Shakira:

Here a cute and sweet baby dances like shakira. This is so cute.

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5. Aydan’s Funny Laugh:

Aydan 7 year’s old baby laughed at empty bottle. I think this is the most cutest baby laugh ever.

watch this video

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