Danakil Desert in Ethiopia one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. Danakil Desert in northeast Ethiopia has been called “Hell on Earth,”

Danakil Desert

Danakil desert is probably as close as you can get to stepping foot on an alien planet. The desolate landscape is marked by volatile volcanoes and the scorching hot air is filled with hazardous gases. Bizarre sights, foul smells, harsh terrain and punishing temperatures are certainly not what most people would consider ideal vacation elements. It seems more like Armageddon than Paradise.

Green crater Dallol - Danakil Desert

This strange place can be hazardous to your health. The African tectonic plate is splitting into two, shifting and causing lava to bubble up from the depths to the surface. Tremors constantly rock the land. Sulfur fills the air and it is not at all unusual to see fiery fountains spouting up from the ground. The areas of the rock churches are safer. Great care is recommended because theft and pick pocketing is very common. In any case, please consult the web site of the Foreign Ministry of your country, for complete and updated safety situation in Ethiopia.The temperature regularly climbs as high as 115 °  F .

Hell of earth

The tourist is willingly visiting the Danakil Desert for the experience of a lifetime. There is no other place on Earth to experience this precise set of conditions all at once. Danakil is certainly one of the least hospitable places anywhere. Most people simply could not handle these conditions.

View of Danakil Desert

There are plenty of reasons to aspire to vacation there. The world’s only below-sea-level volcano can be found in Danakil Desert along with stunning salt flats, mineral springs, bubbling sulfur pits, lava lakes and acid salt ponds.
The alien sights are truly like nothing else. Travelers from all over the world come to see the most punishing climate and bizarre landscape ever seen first-hand by human eyes. It may not be the ideal Spring Break party location, Danakil is absolutely one of the most fascinating places on Earth.

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