Two astronauts are becoming prepared for a six-hour, 30-minute spacewalk Wed morning. They conjointly the} remainder of the Expedition forty five crew also worked on international science and laboratory maintenance.

Commander Scott Kelly and aircrewman Kjell Lindgren square measure getting ready for 2 spacewalks on Gregorian calendar month. 28 and Nov. vi to upgrade and repair the International artificial satellite. Lindgren was motor-assisted by Japanese cosmonaut Kimiya Yui looking for the SAFER pressure suit jetpacks a cosmonaut would use within the unlikely event they became unbound from the station. Kelly collected and arranged the spacewalk tools he and Lindgren can use throughout each spacewalks. Watch a 3D animation illustrating the Gregorian calendar month. twenty eight spacewalk activities.

Kelly started his day with Mikhail Kornienko, his annual mission crewmate, as they swapped activates the Fine Motor Skills experiment. Yui spent his morning stowage atiny low satellite deployer that ejected fourteen Cubesats outside the Kibo research lab module some weeks agone.

Cosmonaut Sergey Volkov explored human metabolism in house and charged a satellite phone. traveller Oleg Kononenko checked out microgravity’s effects on a crew member’s viscus and metabolism behavior before testing remotely dominant a rover on the bottom from house.

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