Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence`s reports that she could be interesting De Niro’s mom in Russell’s next task.

In 1990, previous carrier reservations supervisor Joy Mangano built up a model for a self-wringing mop that would permit her to clean the floor without touching the mop head.

“I loved that he expected to even tell this theme,” Lawrence told media of Russell at a recent interview in London. Russell directed Lawrence in “Silver Linings Playbook” for which she receive a best actress Oscar and in “American Hustle”

The Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence plays Joy, Bradley Cooper plays QVC official Neil Walker, Robert De Niro plays Rudy and Candyman’s Virgina Madsen plays Terry. One of the qualities of the film is this is such an all-inclusive story and something various group of onlookers will have the capacity to identify with and sympathize with.

Jennifer Lawrence put vigorously in her Miracle Mop, taking a chance with her home and some of her family’s investment funds in the conviction that different housewives would need her work sparing gadget. She acquires some cash from her dad and Trudy, enlists in neighborhood ladies to help her and makes a clump however can’t move a solitary unit when she understands that nearby shops purchase at real rebates from the enormous corps.

At Jan 1 “Joy” is currently out in the US and hits UK cinemas.

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