San JoseColombian government revealed that it has hound a Spanish galleon which was drowned more than 300 years ago in the Caribbean coast. It carried approximately as high as $17 billion in gold, silver and gems.

The Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos expressed his joy while finding the galleon. He also added that such finding is a kind of historic milestone that to bear the patrimony’s culture.

But there is no doubt that this finding off Colombia’s coast will rise an international dispute over the treasure.

This dispute is getting higher between an American company based in Bellevue, Washington and the Colombian government over the split of the treasure.

Sea Search Armada in short SSA, which is stands for investing in marine salvaging claims that the Colombia’s government has been illegally trying to confiscate SSA’s finds as they found the site of the San Jose in 1981.

Historically the sinking of San Jose was ruined by British warships in 1708 to stop Spanish delivery.

Already SSA  filed multiple lawsuits both in the United States and Colombia and they insisted that it won a Colombian Supreme Court ruling that confirmed the equality on the treasure. Already two lawsuits that files in U.S. courts were dismissed in 2011 and 2015.

On the other hand Colombian Cultural Minister Mariana Garcés Córdoba insisted that all legal challenges were in favor of Colombian government.San Jose Treasure

But the managing director of SSA, Jack Harbeston said the statements of Colombian government is totally fraud. He also added that the GOC had no will of good faith implementation of the Colombian Supreme court’s ruling and even GOC is threatening the firm with military force.

Moreover the Colombian parliament already passed a law that gives the country all rights to the shipwreck treasure and only a 5% to SSA as finder’s fee.

It is noticeable that the other Spanish galleons with gold, silver, jewelry, emeralds and other gems could manage themselves escape from the British navy in that time of San Jose sinking.

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