Not only British famous but also world most popular rock band Coldplay recently share a new music video for its fans which is the New Year special gift for all.

‘Out of the woods, is the new year gift of Taylor Swift and after that, this is another New Year gift. British rock band Coldplay have a nice gift for their fans! They have shared with a rhythmic single, ‘Birds’ which also has a psychedelic, retro, kaleidoscopic video. After ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ Birds is the second track of the famous band Coldplay.

Coldplay recently tweeted “Happy New Year, everyone. Here’s the video for Birds.” The kaleidoscopic, colourful clip – shot on Super 8mm – has already received 704K views on YouTube since its premiere

Birds the music video, directed by Marcus Haney, is grainy and psychedelic in its concept. It was filmed at the massive Salvation Mountain art monument move out of Slab City, California, in the Southern California in the US desert. The video shows the band visiting the site and features visual effects like kaleidoscope imagery.

The chief composed on Instagram: ‘It’s a tribute of gratitude to the late craftsman Leonard Knight for making Salvation Mountain and conveying such a great amount of bliss to everybody who’s gone over it.’

The first music video which is released in December 2015 and Birds is the second music video made out of Coldplay’s new album A Head Full of Dreams.

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