global warming“Global warming and climate change” the term is  a kind of prior global issue at present. It is a term that no one can deny it. Rather each and every country now a days is facing many types of problems related to this issue. The term has a long term effect on the human being. There are several scientific statistics that  clearly show climate system is warming. And often global warming related reports are being published in popular press since from 1970 particularly has gone into ocean warming. Such reports often go with the melted ice and warming of continents and atmosphere.

Although scientific understanding of global warming is also undoubtedly increasing day by day. In 2014 the IPCC which is stand for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that more than 95% of global warming is being caused that for greenhouse gases and anthropogenic activities. The summarization part of that report indicated that during the 21st century the global surface temperature is likely to increase 0.3 to 1.7 degree Celsius as for their lowest emissions scenario while using stringent mitigation and 2.6 to  4.8 degree Celsius as for their highest.

It is clear that future climate change and its impact will differ from area to area around our world. The effect of changing included the issues of global temperature, rising sea level, changing precipitation and increasing of deserts in the subtropics. Global warming is considered to be greatest in the Arctic region with the running retreat of glaciers permafrost and sea ice. On the contrary further effects include more frequent hotter weather containing heat waves, droughts, heavy rainfall,  a plenty of snowfall, ocean acidification and species extinction from our beloved earth. This effect also included the threat to food security as crop yielding is significantly decreasing due to flooding.

It is true that global awareness is rising from every part of the world. Among these some key factors or taking measurements are carbon reduction, adaptation to its effects and enhance future climate engineering. As part of this concern most countries of the world are the members of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(IPCC). It is notable that  all of them have agreed on massive reduction in emissions. Furthermore, it is proposed that global warming should be kept under 2 degree Celsius.

It is a matter of major concern that NASA scientists have recently reported that Anthropogenic made carbon dioxide (CO2).is increasing in such level that have not seen in hundreds of thousands of years. It is remarkable that about half of the emitted carbon dioxide is coming from the burning of fossil fuels that is remains dangerously in the atmosphere and is not absorbed by the vegetation and ocean.

Warmest Year:

It has been seen that 2015 likely to be the warmest year that ever recorded. The American agency The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the last Wednesday announced that the last September month had been the hottest month on record and actually took the biggest leap above the previous September that any month has displayed since 1880. This agency also added that the period between January to September has been recorded the hottest span in the history of global warming.

Who are Responsible for Global warming:

Primarily it is considered that two major components are responsible for global warming. First one is that anthropogenic activities and the second one is that external forcing where human being has nothing to do with it.


Global warming actually large part is caused by human activities. Some human key responsible factors are emissions of fossil fuel combustion followed by aerosols or other elements like that and the carbon dioxide that is released by cement factories, ozone depletion, green house gas, animal agriculture and mostly a huge range of deforestation in many part of the world.


On the other hand, changing external forces has great impact on our earth’s global warming. Such external forcings included changes in atmospheric composition like solar luminosity, volcanic eruptions, variations in earth’s orbit rounding the Sun etc.

Sea Level Rise:

While fighting with the global warming issue now the world has more serious tension on sea level rise causing for that where it has been recorded that sea level is already have risen on average 2.6 mm to 2.9 mm and according to that per year 0.4 mm since from 1993. Moreover in the recent years this ratio has been risen up more dramatically than ever before. It is believed that over the 21st century the sea level could rise more than 0.2 to 2.0 m or 0.7 to 6.6 ft meaning that approximately 10-15 independent countries will be vanished from our world not have to wait for a century but within a few decades ahead. Moreover coastal flooding will frequently be happened which threat the food security and human normal life.

A Recent Symposium- COP21:

A symposium on global warming is now running at Paris, the capital of France. Alternatively it is known that COP21, which is actively working for global approach to climate change including political leaders from 147 countries while many other journalists, civil society, scientists, scholars etc are also participating. cop21 It is believed that above 1300 delegates under UN authorities are participating here. It is being seeing that thousands of people are marching around the conference area in demanding for effective and realistic measures taking which could really save the world from being destroyed and it is actually a serious commitment to the future generation where everyone is abandoned by their own responsibilities.


Solar energy is a kind of renewable energy where the leaders who will only stay at the meeting for one day are expected a number of significant announcements may come to fight against rising temperature. France and India who are stronger part of this community is hoping to be a global alliance to bring together 100 solar-rich countries situated in the tropical regions to extend their electricity enhance programme from the Sun. Increasing renewable energy research may be a conference outcome. In common the discussion may relate with the limitation of global warming to 2C where 48 members of the least developed countries (LDC) group expressing that for them anything more than 1.5 degrees would be catastrophic. An expert from Angola Giza Gaspar told that discussion’s aim only for 2 degrees world agenda will nothing but increase risk their economic development, regional food security, ecosystems and ultimately the survival of their populations. As the attendance of a number of political leaders make this conference significant but the practical difficulties of securing a deal yet under unclear. There is no doubt that the poorer countries and their threatened populations are watching and expecting a positive and effective outcomes would be seen.

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