It’s no secret among Android users that after using the device for some time, it gets slower. This happens despite their phone having a quad-core, or even an octa-core, processor and tons of memory. The truth of the matter is, many of Android’s top-of-the-line phones remain unmatched against the speed of the iPhone 6’s dual core technology.

There are several methods that Android users take in order to speed up their old devices. Some simply uninstall Facebook (because the app not only hogs most of the battery but RAM as well), while others rely on Clean Master. While these devices free up RAM and therefore speed devices up, they need to be launched several times within a day, and that can quickly become very tiresome.

Thankfully, there’s now a better way to speed things up on an Android phone and that is through downloading a neat, little app called Chromer.

Chromer is a free app that allows any app on a user’s device to take advantage of Google Chrome’s custom tabs. Custom tabs are a feature developed by Google to sufficiently decrease the time it takes to load apps from web pages of Android devices. Loading web pages is one of the slowest things that an app can do to a mobile device, and Chromer easily cures this by giving every app its very own custom internal browser. With Chromer, apps load faster and people can stack multiple links and then open them at a later time.

Despite Chromer being a third-party app that utilizes Google’s custom tabs, it is safe to use since it uses Chrome’s latest rendering engine that is regularly updated through Google Play. This means that a user’s Chromer is always updated, and is much more secure than the normal Webview that is found on Android versions 5.0 and below.

Smartphones are now the primary choice of platform for entertainment. According to software developers Gaming Realms, who host to a number of online gaming titles, 50% of a smartphone’s use is dedicated to gaming. This means half of the time; Android phones render clusters of files that remain on the phone even after use, making devices run slower overtime. Without Clean Master, Chromer, and other files that help boost their performance, Android phones are impossible to run especially if they’re over two years old.

Visit Chromer’s official site to learn more about this awesome Android app.

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