Chelsea confirms to the last 16 of the Champion league by defeating Porto 2-0 goals. It is happened by an own goal and another one in second half by Willian.

Chelsea, who is passing a hard time in this season, this winning at Stamford Bridge helps them to be the top of Group G.

On the other hand, with the hat-trick of Olivier Giroud, Arsenal defeated Olympiacos by 3—0 where they would need victory by scoreline  except 1-0 or 2-1 to qualify.

It makes Arsenal in the second place after Bayern Munich in Group F. Earlier Bayern Munich defeated Dinamo Zagreb by 2-0 in Croatia.

Actually Chelsea’s place in the last 16 had been in uncertainty till to the final group game against Porto.

It seemed that they at least needed a point from its final game to qualify for the knockout phase. Last Saturday they faced ignominy of losing at their home to minnow Bournemouth and this cause them to be in 14th position.

The dispute becomes higher as last season, they lost just three times in the Premier League but this season they already been defeated for eight times.

While a defeat by Porto in Portugal was much disappointing and there was less doubt Chelsea would qualify and finally they would make it successful.

When  a lovely shot was protected by the goalkeeper but unfortunately rebounded by Ivan Marcano into the goal post.

The different has been strengthened when Willian made a thunderous finish past Iker Casillas, the Porto goalkeeper.

Arsenal recent victory with Sunderland by 3-1 in the Premier League just at the weekend, made them a cakewalk of its Greek opponent in Athens. Giroud, the Frenchman who did a historic hat-trick for the club first time took his first goal in the first half and added a second just after the interval and finally completed his hat-trick from the penalty at the end.

Point table

Point table

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