Actor Charlie Sheen told that he was affected as HIV-positive about four years ago. There are only few person know it they are trying to keep secret.

Sheen told NBC`s Matt Lauer “I am here to admit that I am in fact HIV-positive.” What’s more, I need to put a stop to this invasion, this flood of assaults and of sub-truths and exceptionally unsafe and inconsistent stories that are about the [alleged] debilitating the strength of such a large number of others, which couldn’t possibly be more off-base.

Charlie Sheen don`t know how to be affected by this virus. When his diagnosis, he said, he communicate all of his sexual partner about this condition. It will not possible that transferred this virus to other form him. He said the finding came after he endured a progression of bunch cerebral pains and night sweats.

Sheen said, ‘Blast, this is what’s going on,'” they strolled in the room and said, after a battery of tests … they strolled in the room. He said, it is a turn point in individual’s life.

He trusted, he revealed the diagnosis to people, but some of nearest and favorite person spend money to keep this news to themselves. Sheen told Lauer that the cost or spend money which more than $10 million. Some are talking about this issue to shakedowns,” Sheen said. “I have paid those people totally.” One of those individuals, he said, was a whore who entered his lavatory, took a cellphone photo of his pharmaceutical and undermined to offer the picture.

Sheen does not have AIDS but he don`t how he was injured, He was healthy.

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