New Zealand take a decision to change its national flag, so the govt. start referendum for the proper choice and decision which will be the next national flag. Govt. provide ballot paper through general public to choice give decision among 5 potential new flag.

The present Prime Minister John Key said that, need to change our national flag because it is not the modern and not proper represent our country and its image in outside of world. It is similar in some other countries national flag.

The current flag is too same to Australia`s national flag. Most of the New Zealanders agree to change it, he added.

Govt. select a committee to take responsibility to change it. The committee through a competition and receive 10,292 pieces possible design form general public. The committee choice some of potential design form entire possible and finally select 5 possible design from which will be next one national flag.

Four plans were on the shortlist declared in September, however there was feedback that they were excessively comparative or uncreative.

Three highlighted a plant outline and the fourth the bending koru Maori image.

After an online networking campaigning effort, the administration changed the tenets so a fifth outline – called Red Peak – likewise made the polished product.

To individuals settle on a choice, the five banners are being put in plain view the nation over. Sets of banners are being given out allowed to groups who have five suitable flagpoles to show them from, so the general population can see them, “all things considered, circumstances”.

To change the flag, second vote in 2016 will request that whether they need supplant the current banner, which includes the UK’s Union Jack, with the new outline.

The new flag will represent New Zealand as new, expected general public.

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