Former Brazilian star, attacker of Barcelona and Real Madrid “Ronaldo De Lima” said 4 times Ballon d’Or winner and Argentine super star Lionel Messi more ‘spetacular’ soccer than his significant rival Cristiano Ronaldo (super star of Real Madrid and Portugal).

All time best player of D-box in football, Brazilian super star Ronaldo De Lima said – Lionel Messi is more complete soccer than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Both of the player again got the nomination for Ballon d’Or where Neymar is the competitor both of them. Where since last 7 years Ronaldo and Messi sharing this prize. Ronaldo got 3 times and Messi got 4 times. In this year we are waiting to see who will get the Ballon d’Or.

Debate between Ronaldo and Messi will continue for how much days they will play for Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Ronaldo De Lima said – “I choose Messi,” he told Clarin. “I see Messi more complete. He does things in a most spectacular way”.

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