Last Friday was the singer David Bowie`s 69th birthday with the release of a new album, “Blackstar”, with critics giving the thumbs up to the latest work in a long and innovative career. And that confirms by his website, Blackstar will indeed be released on January 8.

David Bowie’s musical career has always been a bit touch-and-go in recent years, with fans wondering if they’d ever hear new music from the legendary singer following the release of his 2013 LP, The Next Day. Never fear, though: the Starman will reportedly return in January of 2016 with his 25th album, Blackstar, a project recorded in New York City’s Magic Shop with jazz musicians.

Bowie’s aim with this 28th studio album, according to long-term producer Tony Visconti, was to step away from rock and roll. And, over an intriguing 42 minutes, Blackstar does just that.

“Blackstar”, co-created by Bowie’s long-term colleague Tony Visconti, includes just seven melodies, however faultfinders applauded the most recent work, with Britain’s Guardian daily paper calling it “a hypnotizing break with (Bowie’s) past”.

The collection is part jazz yet loaded with what NME portrays as “distorted showtunes, skronking mechanical rock, profound balladeering, breezy society pop, even hip-bounce”. In front of Friday’s discharge, Rolling Stone magazine a month ago composed that the “refined, unsettling “Blackstar” is Bowie’s best hostile to pop perfect work of art since the Seventies”.

“I have no yearning to do any more recordings knowing the procedure never at any point gets as impressive and satisfying as this seemed to be,” Renck said in an online proclamation. “I’ve fundamentally touched the sun.”

Conceived David Jones, Bowie rose to acclaim with 1969’s “Space Oddity” and somewhat later through his jumpsuit-wearing adjust inner self Ziggy Stardust. In the most recent couple of years, the outline topping artist has stayed under the radar subsequent to experiencing crisis heart surgery in 2004.

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