What you know about black hole? Black hole is a place or lay in space where gravity pulls so greatly that even lights cannot get out from there. In Black Hole the gravity is so strong for their features. Their matter has been pressed so much into a tiny space when a star is dying. Black holes are invisible because no lights cannot get out from it, and no one can see them.

Stars are huge and luminous spheres of plasma, those held together by its own gravity. As example we can see our own sun – in the Milky Way Galaxy.

A black hole can be small or big. Scientist assumes the smallest black hole can be as small as just an atom. There are another kinds of black hole is called ‘Stellar’. It can be 20 times bigger than the sun. A black hole has an enormously gravitational pulling power that can easily turn apart a star into it if stars come their close. Here is a video from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and CI Lab that simulates the pulling situation of a star into a black hole.

As we see in the video by NASA the approaches of stars, it gets torn as bits and pieces and disc of hot objects spinning around the black hole. The deepest part of the disc blast out a radiation, those are X-ray radiation shown in white around the black hole.

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