Biman Bangladesh Airlines’ the most respected¬†foreign CEO Kyle Haywood has resigned. On Sunday, English national Haywood, the overseeing chief and CEO, presented his resignation to Biman Chairman Air Marshal Jamaluddin Ahmed, reported by a senior authority.

Rashed Khan Menon the Minister of Civil Aviation told different online and print media that he had seen the email from Haywood, in which he said he was leaving.

Civil aviation minister said, “It is not something sudden. He has been unpredictable for some time without clarifying why. We have requested that he clarify more than once yet never got an unmistakable clarification. Today, he sent his resignation by means of email.”

The legislature acquired Kevin Steele as the first remote CEO of Biman Bangladesh Airlines in 2013 to make the national banner bearer more aggressive. Steele, a previous British Airways official, had thirty years of involvement in worldwide aeronautics when he joined Biman as CEO after the MD.

At the point when Steele surrendered in mid-2014, Biman was controlled by an acting CEO for some time. In September 2014, kindred Briton Kyle Haywood was delegated as overseeing chief and CEO of Biman. He joined in January 2015.

Haywood had worked for British Airways, Etihad, Gulf Air, Air Arabia and a couple of different aircrafts before he joined Biman. Like Steele, Haywood has likewise stopped inside of a year of assuming responsibility.

Who after Haywood? Answering this question in press briefing Civil Aviation Minister Menon said Wing Commander M Asaduzzaman (retired) will now work as acting MD until a fresh selection process is initiated to find a successor to Haywood. And very soon the new MD will be selected and till that time Commander M Asaduzzaman will be liable for this any activity. “Our board will meet imminent applicants,” and it takes no more times, Rashed Khan Menon said.

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