We all know that dog is mans best friend. Some of us like the biggest dogs breed. Yes today i am going to share with you some info about biggest dogs breeds around the world. In accordance with size and weight the biggest dogs list are made here. If you are passionate about knowing about big dogs you may just check this article about big dog breeds.

1. Great Dane:

This dog is the tallest in the world standing at 43 inches. It holds two world records one is being the tallest dog and the tallest living dog. Great dane is a hunting dog originating from Germany.
The dog is friendly in nature. Due to its size it needs regular exercise to maintain its health.

Great Dane

2. Tibetan mastiff:

Originating from Tibet this dog was used to protect Sheep from wild animals. This big dog can reach 32 inches in height and 72 kgs in weight. Because of the fluffy and long coat this dog looks huge. This dog is very tough because it had to survive in the cold and icy mountains around Tibet. This dog needs open place or large backyards to thrive. These dogs are intelligent and a bit stubborn.

Tibetan's Weigh dog breed

3. Samoyed Dog: It is the 1st dog breed in Western Siberia. You can take it as your family pet to warm your family with nice dog breeds.

Samoyed dog

4. Newfoundland Dog:  It’s really big and having coats twice, one is long outer coat and another one is soft inner coat.

Newfoundland dog

5. The Kuvasz:

The Kuvasz is of the Hungarian descent, this dog was used as royal guard dog. Due to the look of the dog and its fun loving nature this big dog is becoming a favorite pet nowadays. This dog lives for around 10-12 years. The color of the coat is white, and can be straight or wavy. Height of this big dog is around 28-30 inches and weighs around 44-52 kg. This dog is ideal for as a pet and as a shepherding dog due to its intelligence.

kuvasz 2

6. Cane Corso

Cane corso or the Italian mastiff is a big breed of guard dog. Originating from Italy as the name suggests. This dog can be 24-28 inches tall and can weigh over 45 kg. This dog should be handled with care and is not advisable for novice dog keepers due to the aggressive nature of this dog. A lot of training is needed to get this dog to behave. But the hard work pays off as this dog is extremely reactive in danger.

Cane Corso4


7. Landseer

Landseer is one of the biggest breeds of dogs; it can reach up to 32 inches in height and 80 kgs of weight. The Landseer is often mistaken with Newfoundland. This dog is named after Sir Edwin Henry Landseer. This dog is a gentle and loving dog. It’s a great pet when you have a new born or a toddler. As it can look after, protect and entertain the child.

landseer 3



8. Kangal

Kangal is of Turkish origin, it is a big breed of livestock guardian dog.it can grow up to 32 inches and can weigh over 62kgs. The kangal is of the Mastiff variety, but due to its lower weight than other mastiffs it’s agile and faster. The kangal is very calm, it is as protective as it is powerful. A good over all combos.

kangal 4


9. Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux is also known as the French Mastiff. It is an ancient and Big dog breed. The Bordeaux is as muscular as it is powerful. This dog can reach 27 inches in height and weighs over 45 kgs for a matured dog. But all is not happy for this dog because of its short life expectancy. The average expectancy for this dog is 5-6 years.

dogue-de-bordeaux 4

10. Bully kutta

Bully kutta is also known as Alangu Mastiff. This dog is a desendent from the Sindh and Punjub area. The bully kutta is a very big breed of dogs, it can reach over 35 inches in height and weigh over 95 kgs. Bully kutta is used for mostly guard duty in the region. The bully kutta is intelligent and very protective of its owner.



11. Greater Swiss mountain

These breeds of biggest dog breeds were developed in the Swiss Alps. This breed was once the most popular in Switzerland. The dog is agile and powerfully built at the same time. It is mostly used for farm duties or sheepherding. This dog has a happy nature and likes to be in vicinity of people and absolutely adores children. This dog can reach height of 29 inches and weighs over 70 kgs.

swiss mountain 2

12. Dogo Argentino

This dog breed is also known as the argentine Mastiff is also of argentine origin, developed for big game hunting. This dog is very loyal it would protect humans to death and is fearless. The dog can reach a height of 27 inches and weighs over 45 kgs. These dogs are used for search and rescue and also police and military work.

argentino 3

13. Anatolian shepherd

This dog originates from Turkey and is classified as a shepherd’s dog. This breed of big dog is fast and powerful and is known to protect flocks of sheep from even bears and large cats. These dogs are dependents of the very old hunting dogs of Mesopotamia. This dog can reach 32 inches and weigh over a 65 kgs, this dog was breed to protect the flock without human assistance this makes it a bit of troublesome pet.



14. Boerboel

South African Mastiff is also another name for this big breed of dogs. This big breed used as a guarding dog. This dog can weigh over a 100kgs and reach over 28inches. This dog has a strong bone structure and developed muscles. These dogs are intelligent and great for watching over the children’s. This dog extremely protective of its family.

boerbell 2

15.  leonberger

Leonberger is one of the biggest dog breeds in the world. Some of its nickname includes leo, gentle lion and gentle gaint. This is of the mountain dog variety. It can reach a height of 30 inches and weighs over 70 kgs. This dog is one of the friendliest dog.

16. Irish Wolfhound

The wolfhound may sound wild but it is a domestic breed of big dogs. Originating from Ireland this dog can reach 32 inches in height and 55kgs in weight. The wolfhound is friendly but has a reserved character trait. They bond very strongly with the family. The wolfhound becomes very fierce when provoked.

17. St Bernard

St Bernard is one of the biggest dog breeds available. The dog is of mixed origins it is known for its Alpine rescues. The dog is literally a gaint reaching over 35 inches and weight of over 140kgs. The dog is very gentle and loving in nature. The dog needs proper exercise and food to stay healthy or else its bones starts to deteriorate.


Hope you have found what you were looking for in the article above.

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