If you love cheese so much that you can’t stop dreaming about it, then maybe it’s time to start sleeping in it. Field Candy’s delicious-looking Cheese Please tent resembles a humungous wedge of Emmental, complete with a tail-waggling mouse that’s clearly found curdy nirvana.

Luckily, the spacious, two-person tent’s Swiss-cheese-style holes are just printed on: the yellow-hued shelter is waterproof, hard wearing and packs down into a handy bag. It also incorporates lockable storage pockets so you can securely stash your favorite Stinking Bishop or Dorset Blue Vinney. Available in additional foodie patterns including watermelon and strawberry – plus one that resembles a little country pub. Of course, there’s no way to know what passing bears will think when they stumble on a giant slice of cheese in the forest.



Credit: Field Candy via BBC

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