Google is a huge organization by most guidelines, however it now has one more step added to its repertoire: the US’ best-paid CEO. An organization SEC recording has uncovered that Sundar Pichai got what might as well be called $199 million in stock prior in February, giving him an aggregate $650 million stake in Alphabet. He won’t get the opportunity to trade that out at the same time (the shares vest in quarterly stages through 2019), yet that is a great deal of cash for a long time’s work. In correlation, Apple’s Tim Cook got “just” $376.2 million when he accepted the CEO part.

Pichai isn’t the wealthiest individual in Alphabet. As the Guardian clarifies, Google organizers Larry Page and Sergey Brin are both worth about $34 billion; ex-CEO Eric Schmidt has about $3 billion in stock. Be that as it may, the torrential slide of shares says a considerable measure in regards to Alphabet’s determination to keep Pichai around for the long haul. It truly wouldn’t like to lose the official that has taken Android, Chrome and web inquiry to new statures, particularly not when adversaries like Facebook could stand to poach him. Unless Pichai has a sudden change of heart, he’ll have a lot of impetuses to stick around for a long, long while.

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