For the new owners of pet cats this is the perfect place to find the best cat food for your loved pets. Well you might be wondering that cat eats almost everything they can get their paws on, but when you have your own loved pet. You might not want it to eat the rats or other garbage. Most importantly cat needs a proper diet and nutrition to maintain their health and fur coat. They are like us human, give them their favorite food and they will eat it without a fuss day after day but at the cost of their health.

Cats are carnivorous animals. They hunt birds, rodents and reptiles etc. They are also scavengers they will eat any meat or fish related items. They also love milk. Cats are known to eat dried foods which are made for cats only. Pet house cats should be fed at least 2 times a day. Cats cannot process some nutrients for their survival, which they get from fresh meat. It is advisable to feed them fresh meat twice a week at least.


Buying guide:

There are lots of ingredients you should avoid during buying cat foods. The controversial ingredients to look out for are carrageenan and carrageenan gum, garlio, Gluten, Ocean fish, rendered fat, soybean, sugar, xanthan gum and meat by-products. These ingredients are harmful for the cats and can cause malnutrition. There are three main varieties of best cat food, dry, wet and vegan. There are thousands of brands of food for each variety. It is up to owner to find the best cat food for their beloved pets.

Dry Cat Food:

Dry cat food is made under high heat and pressure, the process is called extrusion cooking. Very little moisture is left in the food. Dry cat food is preferred because of its balanced nutrition and long shelf life, also it costs less. The downside is cats don’t like it that much. Below I will talk briefly about some of the best cat food which is dry.

Orijen Dry Adult Cat & Kitten Food:

Orijen has the highest ratings and reviews. Orijen is famous for the quality of their meat and the ratio of meat to other contents. They source their meat from Canada where the product is made. They use 80% meat and 20% fruits and vegetables. They have a pretty balanced out nutritional value in their product. They use an assortment of contents in bio available form. They use Chicken and chicken liver, salmon, turkey, eggs etc. comes in 5.5 and 15.4 pounds packs, this is a treat you would really want to give your cat.

Wellness Core Original Dry:

This is one of the best cat food available on the market, most of the sites has rated this product 5 stars out of 5 stars. It is known for its taste, most cats don’t like dry cat food but this one is different the cats love this one. This one is a grain free product with probiotics and essential fatty acids. Comes in only 12-pound packs.

Evo Turkey & Chicken Dry Cat and Kitten:

This is one of the best cat food rated by the websites. Low carb and grain free, they use real meats like chicken and turkey to deliver the needed protein. Contains no artificial contents. Available in 6.6 and 15.4-pound packs.

Wet or Canned Cat food:

Canned cat food are preferred for their taste to cats, canned food normally has 75-80 % moisture. This helps cat with renal problems. The main downside to canned food is the short shelf life after opening. Below is some of the best-canned cat food available, but the taste and moisture level makes up for the short shelf life.


Nature’s Variety Instinct Canned Chicken Formula:

This formula is carrageenan free; it is difficult to find wet cat food which doesn’t contains this thickener. As wet cat food is a healthy alternate to the dry cat foods this one is one of the best cat foods available. It contains over 95 percent meat, which includes chicken and liver, the rest 5 percent is fruits and vegetables. It is also gluten and grain free. There is also a special ingredient called Montmorillonite clay which is great source of minerals. This product has an average of 4.6 rating out of five. It’s a delight you will want to give your loved cat.

Blue Buffalo Wild Delights Canned Chicken and Turkey:

Blue buffalo line of cat foods is the best cat food you can find around. All of the products of blue buffalo has been awarded a perfect 5 star. They love cats and take great care to ensure only the healthiest ingredients go into their food. No artificial ingredients are used and the formula is grain and gluten free and contains the best meat proteins. Chicken, liver turkey and chicken broth are the base of the formula.

Vegan food:

Cats are carnivorous but vegan cat food has been available for decades, targeted at vegan pet owners. Vegan cat food is bought due to ethical causes, not because of health benefits. These class of people believe that a vegan diet is superior to no vegan food, but the truth is cats require certain nutrients that can only be found in meat. These nutrients are taurine, vitamin A, vitamin B12 niacin and arginine. These are essential to maintain a healthy cat. Cats living on a vegan diet often develop abnormal pH levels this can lead to urinary problems, such as bladder stones.


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