Overweight is now a common problem throughout the world. Overweight means having more body fat than as usual. It is generally happened because of plenty of food supply. Absence of energy balance most often is responsible for overweight and obesity.  About 1 billion people in 2003 are either overweight or obese shown in a statistics that this number has reached more than 2 billion in 2013.

Are you worried about your weight? Now it’s your turn to get your weight reduce. Here is English Alphabetically sequenced solution to lose your weight to be noticed.

A for Age:

Age plays a vital role in gaining weight. In many countries children having a lot of meal including calories cause to be fatty. Women get weight in their midlife duo to aging and lifestyle but menopause(increase about 5pounds)  also plays a role.

B for Breakfast:

 Don’t stop your breakfast. Eat a breakfast that contains high Resistant Starch food found in bananas, oats etc.

C for Calories:

Try to reduce eating up high calories foods like Beef Tallow, Lard, Fish Oil, Vegetable Oil,chocolate etc.

D for Drink:

Drink green tea, Black tea (without milk), Lemon water that are benefit to loss weight.

E for Emotional factors:

Many people take food than as usual when they are feeling bored, angry or stressed. Overtime and overeating will lead you to weight gain or obesity.

F for Fat:

A gram of fat is about 9 calories that cause over weight. Try to avoid those foods that contain a lot of fat.

G for Genes:

Studies of identical twins shows that genes have a remarkable influence on their children’s health. If the parents maintain the healthy foods then it can be controlled.

H for Healthy foods:

Always try to eat up healthy foods. Here are names of 10 best healthy foods Blueberries, Garlic, Olive Oil, Broccoli, Yogurt, Oats, Flax seeds, Cinnamon, Tea and Beans.

healthy foods to lose weight

I for Inactive Lifestyle:

If you are too much inactive while watching TV, sitting chair for a long time cause you overweight. Try to be more active to keep you fit.

J for Junk food:

Try to avoid Junk food or fast food like Pizza, Burger, Soft drinks etc that cause overweight.

K for Keeping Fit:

You should always conscious about keeping fit yourself.

L for Lunch:

It is better to take Horseradish Wrap, Tuna-Avocado Sandwich, Tofu Salad, Salmon Avocado Sushi, Fiesta Salad, Winter Sausage and Lentil Salad etc.

M for Medicine:

Sometimes certain medicines may responsible to gain weight. They contains corticosteroids, antidepressants, and seizure etc that cause to slow the rate at which your body burns calories and increase your hungry.

N for Nutritious Foods:

Always eat nutritious foods rather than appealing foods or fast foods.

O for Overtime Working:

Overtime working on the computer in the office will cause weight gain if it isn’t balanced with physical activities.

P for Pregnancy:

During the pregnancy time women get over weight to support her baby’s physical stability but it is hard to throw it after giving birth which may lead to overweight or obesity.

Q for Quit from Habit:

Quit from your habit like kick smoking, over drinking etc and follow the right rules of health.

R for Regularity:

Try to maintain your routine regularly.

S for lake of Sleep:

A scientific study tells that lack of sleep can cause overweight or obesity. It is better to sleep 6-7 hours per day to a adult person.

T for Tea:

Tea is essential to reduce your extra weight. Specially the green tea is helpful for health.

U for unsweetened iced tea:

Drink unsweetened iced tea with 1 teaspoon sugar and cut your more than 100 calorie.

V for Vegetable:

Eat up more green vegetables that will keep you healthy.

W for Walking:

Walking is good for health and if you are a overweight person then you can start it now. A scientific study shows that running about 150 minutes in a week can keep your health fit.

X for Extra Exercise:

 Try to do extra exercise than as usual to keep fit.

Y for Yuga Exercise:

Yuga exercise is good for health.

Z for Zinc:

Zinc contained foods are good for health.

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