Wrold political leader and the US President Barack Obama take a decision to make his presidential visit to a U.S. mosque in the next week from now in a safeguard of religious opportunity, the White House said, after an ascent in hostile to Muslim talk in the United States. This is the first visit for a US president in a mosque.

On Wednesday president Barak Obama will visit the Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque, where he will hold a roundtable with the group and convey comments, a White House official said on Saturday. At the mosque, the president will “emphasize the significance of staying consistent with our center qualities – respecting our kindred Americans, revolting against fanaticism, dismissing impassion, and securing our country’s custom of religious opportunity,” the authority said.

Barak Obama has gone by mosques outside the United States on his excursions abroad. But in USA it is the first time to visit. The official source said that, Obama, a Democrat leader and in his last year as president, has spoke to Americans to reject hostile to Muslim remarks by legislators, most eminently Republican presidential cheerful Donald Trump.

“At the point when government officials affront Muslims, whether abroad or our kindred natives, when a mosque is vandalized, or a child harassed, that doesn’t make us more secure,” Obama said amid his State of the Union address prior this month. “That is not coming out with the simple truth of the matter. It’s simply off-base. It decreases us according to the world. It makes it harder to accomplish our objectives. It double-crosses who we are as a nation.”

Trump, who is driving the Republican field in assessment surveys, required a restriction on Muslim guests to the United States after a Muslim couple roused by Islamist aggressors slaughtered 14 individuals in a shooting in San Bernardino, California, in ahead of schedule December.

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