Bangladeshi sports and games is the essential part of our Bangladeshi culture. Sports is the source of entertainment. There are a lot of sports in Bangladesh Kabaddi, cricket, football, Hockey, Chess but Kabaddi is the most popular and the national game in Bangladesh. Football and cricket is the most popular game in Bangladesh. As kabbadi is the national game but cricket is the most favorite and has a lot of success in recent years.

Bangladesh sports has divided into two types 1. Indoor games 2. Outdoor games. Indoor games likes chase, ludu etc. and outdoor games like cricket, football, kabaddi etc.


Cricket is the most popular sport common games in the country. Both urban and rural area of people cricket plays a common entertainment that reflex of our culture. In 1997 When Bangladesh national team won the ICC Trophy and qualified for the Cricket World Cup in 1999 for the first time that time the popularity of cricket touch the golden moment. At the year of 2000, Bangladesh cricket team announced the full member of International Cricket Council that is accepted to play Test cricket in different international competition. In the year of 2007 Bangladesh cricket team first won against India at the world cup. Bangladesh plays 2011 Cricket World Cup along with India and Sri Lanka. Bangladesh Cricket Board is the ministry of sports and games always trying to the development of Bangladesh sports. In the year of 2015 world cup, Bangladesh vs England that match Bangladesh bate and reached the quarter final for second time. But unfortunately loss against India.


Football has been the most popular sport in Bangladesh. Most of the village area football plays a common games. As football is under neglect from both the Bangladesh of government and its authorities which leads to the Bangladesh football federation, which is named Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) which situated in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka.

About Bangladesh sports, Contrasted with the past, the standard of Bangladeshi football has corrupted because of bungle, absence of backing and poor speculation. An enthusiasm for cricket coming about because of the country’s achievement in Test Cricket and investment in the Cricket World Cup dominated the past popularity in the country’s football. In any case, nonetheless this didn’t influence football’s notoriety: more football competitions are composed in and outside Dhaka than of whatever other games and football fever holds the country amid each FIFA World Cup. Alliance authorities and specialists are still confident about the advancement of football in the nation in the following ten years in spite of budgetary deterrents and absence of demonstrable skill.


Kabaddi which is the national of Bangladesh sports. The sport is played all through the country but most of the village area play it with entertainment. It is the cultural game of our nation. In different competition Bangladesh participate with Kabaddi. In Asian Games Kabaddi, Bangladesh has been participating regularly. Now kavaddi has been weakening due to lack of funds but still it is the most entertainable game in the whole country.


Within Bangladesh sportss, Hockey has been popular sports after cricket and football in Bangladesh. It is also an outdoor games. It comes directly after Cricket and football considering the prevalence. In any case, absence of dependable authorities and maladministration has driven this game to decay too. Bangladesh, despite the fact that, routinely takes an interest in the Hockey Asia Cup furthermore facilitated its release of 1985. The Bangladesh Hockey Federation, the national overseeing body for the game, each year arranges some residential rivalries in the nation, most prominently the Premier Division Hockey League.


Chess is the foreign games and is a popular indoor game in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has many talented chess players worldwide. Niaz Murshed is the first Grandmaster from Bangladeshi chaser to emerge from South Asia in the year of 1987. In 1979, Bangladesh Chess Federation got a change to become a member of the FIDE. At national and international levels, every year it arranges some 15 to 20 tournaments. The popularity of this game is increasing day by day.

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